The suitcase of Angie is empty.But I do not want to have  the last word.I try to find a solution in her suitcase.She is always talking about solutions.What are the specific thinks and thanks?May be she has lost reality.But what does this mean? She is in common with Bush and Obama.They can .Yes we can.One issue we have: In  what way can we destroy the world.Fundamentally.We must do it!And we are the perfect persons ,God has said to us:Just do it.It is a mission for freedom and democracy.But God has never known the names of Buschschh…and Obama.He created the World Center in seven days and by 0911 am .0911 .911 is a very different date.It was the 9th  September of 2001 :They World Centers were destroyed by the CIA and Bush

with the help of Osama bin Laden.Four weeks before the Bushs did some good business with Osama.I think they are friends.They have a kind of solidarity .Criminal actions are connecting.Then the war began.They started the 4 th World War or the 3rd.?Now they are in Irak and are working in Afganistan for drugs and freedom.You do not understand?.What?The consumption of drugs has grown about 80% since our American friends have started the war in 2002.It is a good business.Business must be  and it is  important for survival.

By this way the USA try to help the world.And we are one world !!And we are the world ,I say it again.These are the words of Obama.

Maybe it is your world,Obama.You are living and believing this.I suppose you have a special interest supported by good friends .And the Germans want to reduce the army ,no ,there are thoughts of abolishing the army.Well,what they are doing?I do not understand .

Greetings to you

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