ZMR 250 Race Quard

Flight Controll Naze32



Dataflash (EEPROM)

Part: M25P16 – http://au.element14.com/micron/m25p16-vmn6p/memory-flash-serial-16mbit-8nsoic/dp/1734973
Cost: $2
Datasheet: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/158118.pdf
Decoupling capacitor: 100nF 0603  (see below)
Orientation: Pin 1 is on the side with the bevelled edge.  It goes by the indicated pin on the PCB.
Skill level: Medium-easy.  Can be done with a soldering iron, but the capacitor can be a bit fiddly if you don’t have fine tipped tweezers.



Part: MS561101BA03-50 – http://au.element14.com/measurement-specialties/ms561101ba03-50/sensor-barometric-0-01-1-2bar/dp/2362662?ost=ms5611
Cost: $12

Datasheet: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/1756128.pdf
Decoupling capacitor: 100nF 0603 (see below)
Orientation: Pin 1 is the pin on the underside with an extra dot beside it, and there is a corresponding dot on the top of the package.  This pin goes towards the inside of the Naze PCB.
Skill level: Medium.  Requires hot-air gun, solder paste, and some experience with this sort of job.



Part: HMC5883L – http://au.element14.com/honeywell-m-ps/hmc5883l-tr/magnetic-sensor-on-tapereel/dp/1886419
Cost: $4
Datasheet: http://www.honeywell.com/sites/servlet/com.merx.npoint.servlets.DocumentServlet?docid=DCB000D72-C325-A8BE-588A-322B3EC915DE
Decoupling capacitors: Two of 100nF 0603 (see below)
Other capacitors: 

  • 4.7uF 0603: http://au.element14.com/yageo-phycomp/cc0603krx5r5bb475/cap-mlcc-x5r-4-7uf-6-3v-0603/dp/9402110
  • 220nF 0603: http://au.element14.com/kemet/c0603c224k4ractu/ceramic-capacitor-0-22uf-16v-x7r/dp/1650007
Orientation: Pin 1 is marked on the package with a dot, and goes on the innermost edge of the footprint.

Skill Level: Advanced.  The pads on this package are tiny, and are completely underneath.


Decoupling Capacitors

For all decoupling capacitors, use a 100nF 0603.  For example:

  • http://au.element14.com/yageo-phycomp/cc0603krx5r5bb475/cap-mlcc-x5r-4-7uf-6-3v-0603/dp/9402110?ost=9402110




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